Message from the board

Message from the board

On this day of another anniversary we thank all those who made it possible to arrive here and celebrate 19 years as a company.

To the ex-workers, we would like to thank them for the contribution that each one made to build the path that made this celebration possible.

To the suppliers, we would like to thank them for their confidence in this company and for the effort they put in to guarantee the supply and good functioning of this company without interruptions.

To our customers, we would like to thank them for their trust in us and hope that this continues to be the basis of our business.

To the current employees, to thank them for their collaboration and hard work that has made this company (group) a market leader.

To all these partners, I offer my sincere congratulations for making us grow day by day.

In 19 years, we have experienced difficulties, fought battles, taken the wrong decisions and experienced joys. If we have arrived here it is because we have credibility, the business world considers us fit for another journey of years, that is how we feel, that is our commitment, fit for the battles to come and fit to win!

Dream and audacity command life!